Maple Syrup

Maple syrup produced from predominantly red maple.

Red maples thrive in low lying, boggy areas. It takes 60-70 gallons of red maple sap to produce one gallon of pure maple syrup, so it requires more energy (access, labour and fuel) to produce. 

Available in plastic jugs and specialty glass bottles. Specific requests can be filled based on availability. Please contact Fred at (902) 824-0526.

Plastic jugs:   250ml       $10.00
                        500ml       $15.00
                        1 Litre       $25.00

                        2 Litre       $35.00

                        4 Litre       $60.00                                          

Glass:   100ml "barrel", $8.00

              Gnome (250ml), $12.00
              Scenes (250ml), $15.00
              Tall embossed bottle (230ml), $12.00
              Jug 250ml, $12.00

              Jug 500ml, $18.00