Christmas Trees FAQ

What is a balsam fir, and why is it a good choice for a Christmas tree?

A balsam fir is a medium-sized evergreen tree. The needles are dark green on the upper surface and grey-silver on the lower surface. Balsam fir's fresh dark-green appearance and pleasant fragrance, makes it a desirable choice as a Christmas tree.



Why should I consider getting my real Christmas tree from a "Choose and Cut"?

-You get to choose your own individual tree from a broad selection of characteristics. -You pick and cut your tree when you want it, so you know it is fresh. -You get to spend quality time outdoors with your family, and get that final sense of accomplishment when you find your perfect tree!



What do I need to know in order to make the most out of my U-Cut experience?

Some things to consider in order to get the most out of your day in the country: -Have the right transportation for loading and transporting your tree home. -We provide a hand saw to customers for the purpose of cutting their tree; some people bring their own trusty saw. We will also help cut your tree if needed. - Wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers, that you can put on or take off according to your degree of activity. - Wear shoes or boots with ankle support; the ground is uneven in our natural tree stands, a feature of the natural habitat that the trees thrive in; wearing good footwear and looking where you put your feet, is key to enjoying your excursion without any mishaps. - Stay within the designated U-Cut areas, and please watch young children to avoid them getting lost or injured. - Bring strong gloves if you are the one cutting and/or handling the tree; if you are short on help, we are there to help you.



Are Pets allowed at a U-Cut?

Should you happen to bring your pet dog along, we recommend that you keep them by your side at all times. Please be considerate of other people visiting the choose and cut who may be fearful of dogs. We are not responsible for dogs that run off beyond the designated U-Cut area(s) and place themselves at risk for injury.



Is getting my real Christmas tree from a choose and cut lot, environmentally friendly?

YES, getting your Christmas tree from a choose and cut is the environmentally responsible thing to do! Christmas trees on choose and cut lots are an agricultural crop producing a renewable product. Once trees are harvested, new seedlings are planted to replace them in the spring. Special care is given these seedlings so that they grow into healthy Christmas trees. Each growing tree, provides oxygen to the atmosphere, and shelter and food for wildlife that frequent natural tree stands.



How do I care for my real Christmas tree once I get it home?

A freshly harvested Christmas tree, has more than half it's weight in water, so it is important to place it in water as soon as possible in order to maintain it's freshness and minimize needle drop problems: Place your tree in a full bucket of water and in a cool location till you are ready to mount it in it's stand. - Use a traditional reservoir stand with the right water holding capacity for the size of your tree i.e. one quart of water per one inch of stem diameter. -The rate your tree loses it's moisture to the warmer indoor temperatures determines how thirsty it gets, so check the stand daily to make sure that the level of water continues to submerge the base of the tree. - Even with the most diligent care Christmas trees will dry out, usually well after the Christmas festivities are over; when this happens it is time to remove your tree from the house and dispose of it. 

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Is it safe to have a real Christmas tree in the home?

It is absolutely safe to have a real Christmas tree in your home provided you follow some common sense safety tips: Use a stand that fits your tree, do not whittle down the sides of the trunk to fit the stand, your tree will be top heavy and could topple over. Keep trees away from major sources of heat such as fireplaces, wood stoves, heaters etc, to keep flammable tree decorations at a safe distance; Always inspect light sets before putting them up on the tree, and replace them if worn; turn off tree lights before going to bed or if leaving the house; do not overload electrical circuits. Avoid leaving extra lengths of electrical or other cord free where young children and pets can trip over or get tangled in them. Never burn any part of a Christmas tree in a wood stove or fireplace.



How do I dispose of my Christmas tree once the season's festivities are over?

There are several options for disposing your tree after the holiday festivities. First remove all ornaments and other decorations from it. You can bag your tree in a compostable tree bag (which you can purchase at the time you buy your tree), and put it curb side according to your municipal regulations some municipalities have drop off locations. You can also chunk your tree and place it in the green yard waste container for the regular garbage pick up. For those that have the available garden or yard space, you can leave it outside for the remaining winter season where it can be used as a sheltered resting place by visiting birds or small mammals come spring you can cut it up and turn into into mulch for your garden beds. For more information on the dispose of my Christmas tree, please visit How and Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays