Maple Brunch April 7 2018, wraps up sugaring season.

We finally hosted our first Maple brunch at the Christmas tree lot on April 7. Brunch featured pancakes, maple sausages, maple baked beans, biscuits, skillet cake and haskap berry jam tarts, and of course our maple syrup and maple caramel sauce. We thank the folks that braved the less than ideal weather and helped us kick off what we hope will be a new tradition for our farm. Fred is already planing for improvements!
We could not have done all this without the help of friends, who helped us set up and run the brunch. We are especially grateful for their moral support.

The "Last Boil"

It was a bittersweet day for Fred yesterday as he fired up the maple syrup evaporator for this season's 6th, and last boil. it was a beautiful day, the bees were out ( as were the flies and other less endearing insects ) signalling warmer climes. Our red maples by now had given us what they could, and it was time for them to embrace spring fully and begin to break bud.

Gryphon Hill Farms Maple Syrup at Farmers Market Debut.

Muna attended her first ever farmers market at the Waldorf Elementary School in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, on Saturday March 17th, which ran from 9am to 1pm. It was a small and cozy venue with great comradie amongst the vendors and customers. Muna's table showcased our own locally produced "Red" maple syrup with a tasting station and recipes. We will attend the farmers market again on Saturday March 24 and 31. You can see a picture of Muna at her table under the website photos, sugarbush adventures.

First early "harvest" of maple syrup.

Our first "harvest" of maple syrup is here. Grade A amber, with a light silky flow and delicious flavour of medium intensity. Available in plastic jugs and a few specialty glass bottles. See pictures under photos. We can also provide larger quantities on request. Contact Fred at (902) 824-0526.

Maple Syrup Coming Soon.....

Winter is almost over and Spring is just around the corner, see those early buds on the maple trees!
Fred has been out in the woods when the weather has allowed, running tubing from more trees into the sap collection system. He just finished tapping about 130 trees yesterday (see maple syrup photos). He plans to tap an additional 25 trees to collect sap in buckets, there is something so satisfying in doing this the traditional way. Muna has been readying equipment and the sugar shack in anticipation of boiling, filtering and then bottling the final product, yummy maple syrup!

Snow !

Hi Folks,
It is the last official weekend of our U-Cut, and mother nature is marking the occasion with light snow, awesome!
So dress warm for your visit to enjoy a walk in pretty scenery, choose and cut your perfect tree, warm up with hot chocolate and cookies in the elf house, and consider a few pantry gifts (see photos under Christmas trees) to top up those Christmas stockings, before heading home.... and getting ready for a warm and cozy Christmas.

Choose and Cut starts December 2017

Our Christmas tree U-Cut will run on weekends from Dec. 2nd-17th, from10:00am-5:00pm

Enjoy a day of family fun in the Canadian outdoors: plenty of fresh air to put a pep in your stride, a hay ride up the Gryphon's Hill, choose and cut your perfect tree, then finish off with complimentary cookies, hot chocolate and apple cider served up in the "Elf House". Oh and most important, taking your tree home and decorating it for all to enjoy!

Hope to see you soon,

Christmas Tree Harvest 2017

It is that time of year again and the Lunenburg Balsam Fir Co-Op of which we are members, is well into the wholesale christmas tree harvest.
It is a fast spaced and ever-changing world out there, where what is real and what is not, is often up for question.
In our small corner of the world "Real Trees" matter, and that is what we deliver.

Our Christmas tree U-Cut will run on weekends from Dec. 2nd-17th, from10:00am-5:00pm
Anyone wishing to visit outside these days and hours can contact Fred at (902) 824-0526

Recap of summer activities on the Farm

We were busy with a number of endeavours at both the Christmas tree and Haskap orchard side of the farm this Spring/Summer.
Poor Fred, his "To Do" list keeps growing!

Sold out of Haskap berries

Sorry folks we are sold out of Haskap berries.
Please check back next year.
Have a great summer!


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